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Estrellita High School
Galt Joint Union High School District is dedicated to enriching lives and building a caring and collaborative learning community by providing Adult Learners with quality educational opportunities and support services.

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Code of Conduct


The staff of Estrellita High School expects the highest standards of honesty and fairness from all students. Promoting values of responsibility and self-discipline are essential to the educational process. Therefore, to protect everyone’s rights to a fair and meaningful evaluation, this ACADEMIC CODE OF HONESTY has been adopted:

· A student who exhibits any behavior, which in the judgment of the teacher indicates dishonesty while taking an examination or quiz, shall receive a zero for that exercise.

· A student who copies an assignment from another student shall receive a zero for that assignment, and the student who allows an assignment to be copied shall also receive a zero.

· A student who, for the purpose of cheating on an examination, enters a classroom with evidence of premeditation, such as aids or notes not allowed, shall receive a zero for the examination.

· A student who commits plagiarism (“using and passing off as one’s own” the ideas or writing of another) shall receive a zero for that assignment/examination.

· A student who is apprehended for taking, without permission, another student’s written assignment or project for personal use or academic credit shall receive a zero for that assignment and will be further disciplined under the provisions for theft in the student discipline policy.

· A student who submits work entirely, or in part, completed by another person (i.e.: parent, another student, sibling, etc.) shall receive a zero for that assignment.

· A student who knowingly receives or gives a test or quiz answers to another student shall receive a zero for that test or quiz and the other student involved will also receive a zero.

· A student who displays unacceptable behavior and/or is involved in any other activity for the purpose of cheating, altering, or falsifying records, removing or copying of any materials, (student, teacher, parent or other), etc. shall be disciplined as follows:

a. A student enrolled in the course in which the infraction occurred shall be immediately dismissed from that course with loss of credits and a grade of “F” for the semester in which the infraction takes place. The student may be suspended for up to five (5) days for attempting to alter state documents.

b. A student NOT enrolled in a course, however, who is involved in such an infraction, shall be disciplined in accordance with the student discipline policy.