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Estrellita High School
Galt Joint Union High School District is dedicated to enriching lives and building a caring and collaborative learning community by providing Adult Learners with quality educational opportunities and support services.

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Attendance Procedures


Attendance Requirements
Board policy states that unexcused absences from class exceeding 18 days are sufficient reason for a teacher to assign the student a failing grade for the class. The student or parent/guardian shall be given a reasonable opportunity to explain an absence (Ed Code 49067).

Attendance Regulations

1. Notes must state students full name, date of absence, the reason for absence, and parent/guardian signature. A phone call from parent/guardian may also clear the student’s absence(s).

1. Absences must be cleared within three (3) days of returning to school.

2. An excused or unexcused absence is determined by the school. Illness of the student, medical/dental appointment or death in the immediate family will be considered an excused absence.

3. An absence without a valid parent/guardian excuse will be considered a truancy. Students who are truant will face school disciplinary measures, as well as legal consequences under state law.

4. To leave campus you must receive an off-campus pass from the attendance office. A note or phone call from a parent/guardian is required to get the pass.

7. Students with unexcused absences may be restricted from participation in school activities. They may also be placed on attendance contracts.


Tardy and Truancy Policy

Tardy Policy

Students must be inside the classroom when the 2nd bell rings. If tardy more than 15 minutes, it will be considered a truancy. If you are tardy, you must go to the office to receive a late slip.

Truancy Policy

1st Truancy: Students that are truant will be assigned school detention and their parents will be notified.

2nd Truancy: Will result in the student being assigned detention, the parents will be notified, and the SARB process is initiated.

3rd Truancy: May result in the student being suspended from school and the student being SARB’d.

SARB: School Attendance Review Board is a group mandated by the California Education Code and is comprised of school counselors, administrators, probation officers, school resource officer, and court officials who review the student’s attendance, grades, and discipline records to determine the student’s academic placement. The student may be placed on a behavior contract and/or referred to the Sacramento County Probation Department.

Absences and Make-Up Work: It is the responsibility of the student, in every case, to request make-up work and to see that the work is made up within the stated time limits.

1. Students shall be given the opportunity to make up school work missed because of an excused absence or suspension and shall receive full credit if the work is turned in according to a reasonable make-up schedule (BP 6154) (EC 48205). If the absence was for one or two days, the work must be made up within three (3) school days. Longer absences require that the student and teacher make individual arrangements for completion of make-up work. The teacher has the option to extend the time. No student may be granted days beyond the final day of school in June for make-up work without prior approval of the principal.

2. Students who are absent because of an approved school activity are considered excused.

3. Truant students may not make up missed assignments.