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Estrellita High School
Galt Joint Union High School District is dedicated to enriching lives and building a caring and collaborative learning community by providing Adult Learners with quality educational opportunities and support services.

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General Information


The following principles and procedures will be adhered to when a parent files a statement requesting EstrellitaHigh School to assist a student in taking prescribed medication at school. Over-the-counter drugs must also be prescribed by a physician.

1. The administration of medication to students shall be done only in exceptional circumstances wherein the child's health may be jeopardized without it and only when such administration has been requested and approved by the student's parent/guardian and physician.

2. Medication brought to school to be given to a student shall be in containers which are clearly marked with the name of the student, the name of prescribing physician, an identification number or name of the pharmacist who dispensed the medication or the manufacturer, and the amount of medication to be taken at specified time or in specific situation.

3. All medication shall be kept in a secure place. Any special instructions for storage or security measures of any medication should be written by the physician and given to school personnel so that such instructions can be followed.

4. The principal will designate the person at the school to be responsible for the supply of medication at the school. The person, so designated will supervise the taking of medication at a time conforming to the physician's indicated dosage schedule. School designee will chart date, time, and dosage on medication log and sign name.

5. A list of students needing medication during school hours, including the type of medication, times, and dosage, will be maintained in the administration office. This list is to be reviewed and updated periodically as necessary by the school nurse.

6. With signed parent and physician requests, students will be allowed to carry specified medications and self-administer medication (i.e. inhalants for asthma, bee sting emergency kits, Benadryl for severe allergy type reactions).

Legal Reference: California Education Code 49423 Administration of prescribed medication for pupil


Written proof of necessary immunizations required by law must be presented prior to admission to Estrellita High School. Exemptions due to personal beliefs or medical reasons shall be granted on an individual basis pursuant to state law.


Only parents/guardians of Estrellita High School students are allowed to visit campus during regular school hours. Visitors must register at the office in order to visit classes. Do not plan to bring friends, brothers, sisters, cousins, pets, etc. as visitors to school.


1. Students are not allowed in any parking lot during class time unless sent by a staff member and with the proper pass. Those who leave at lunch for Work Experience or R.O.P. are not to return to the campus during lunch or after school.

2. Driving a vehicle on or near the school campus in a manner that can endanger people is a matter for serious school action and/or referral to law enforcement. Students will not be allowed to drive to school if their driving is considered to be reckless by a school official. This policy will be strictly enforced.


The office will accept emergency phone messages for students ONLY from parents/guardians.


Students are not permitted on the school campus between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. Exceptions will be made for school activities.

Applications for free and reduced-price meals are available in the Administration Office and may be submitted at any time during a school day.


In addition to the Internet Agreement, students are to be responsible when using computers. Computer privileges in class or library will be restricted for any inappropriate behavior or actions.


Skateboards, roller blades, Go-Peds are not allowed on campus. If students want to use either to get to and from school, they need to store them during school hours in the Administration Office. The School recommends skateboards and roller blades not be brought to school.


No restroom usage during the first 15 minutes or the last 15 minutes of each class period. Excessive restroom usage will be dealt with on an individual basis.


Electronic devices (cell phones, iPods, C.D.’s, etc) may not be on or used during class instruction. We do not recommend that students bring these devices to school. It is important that parents and students be made aware that if these items are lost/stolen the school will not be responsible.

The Legislature finds that the use by any person, including a pupil, of any electronic listening or recording device in any classroom of the elementary and secondary schools without the prior consent of the teacher and the principal of the school given to promote an educational purpose disrupts and impairs the teaching process and discipline in the elementary and secondary schools, and such use is prohibited. Any person, other than a pupil, who willfully violates this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. Any pupil violating this section shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. (E.C. 51512).

This section shall not be construed as affecting the powers, rights, and liabilities arising from the use of electronic listening or recording devices as provided for by any other provision of law. (Add. Stats. 1976, Ch.1010)


Students and/or their parents are financially responsible for all school property checked out to them (including textbooks, equipment, and materials) and for willful damage or destruction of school property. The students/parents may incur the following:

1. The student will receive a NO MARK grade in the class for which books or fines are not paid. The grade will be changed after the charges are cleared.) A NO MARK grade (in a required course) could cause the student to have to repeat the course.

2. The student will not be cleared for any extracurricular or co-curricular activity participation. This would include activities that occur outside the class hours, including field trips.

3. The student will not receive certification of completion for driver's education.

4. The student will not receive certification for a "good student insurance discount."

5. The student will not receive enrollment and/or attendance verification.

6. The student will not be issued additional textbooks.

7. The student will not participate in graduation ceremonies and will not receive a diploma.